Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

We value our interdisciplinary team approach to actively collaborate with other providers at our center, to ensure coordination of goals and development of your child’s individualized treatment plan.

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  • Home-Based Intervention
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Interdisciplinary team approach
  • Individualized treatment plans


Social Thinking curriculum is drawn from a framework of strategies that teach, in a naturalistic way, social problem solving and social skills.

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Our interactive Social Skill Clubs encourage clients to develop natural life tools to navigate social environments.

  • Speech and Language Interventions
  •  Social Skills Kid’s Clubs
  • Communication and Socialization
  • Social Cognition
  • The Zones of Regulation
  • Executive Functioning



  • Parent Training & Family Consulting
  • Sand Tray Therapy
  • Case Management

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Areas we address

  •  Attachment
  • Conversation Skills
  • Feeling Vocabulary
  • Problem Solving



The OT program focuses on strengthening underlying physical weaknesses and addressing neurological deficiencies that may be hindering the client’s functional skills.

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STAR utilizes a unique approach to fill gaps in childhood development to address core issues, and treat them effectively.

  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Visual-Vestibular Intervention » Handwriting Intervention
  • Sensory Processing Intervention
  • Reflex Integration
  • Motor Planning



Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR®) Approach, Floortime™ offers a developmental approach to intervention for children with special needs, in partnership with their parents.

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We work on:

  • Language-Based Play Therapy: Experiential and Meaningful Play for Language Comprehension, Processing, and Development
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Reciprocity and Social Relatedness, Anxiety and Shared Ideas
  • Ideation and Creativity


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